The Med Aide Prescription

Med Aide via @The_SA_Royal

The animal sacrifices for The Most High are to be carefully conducted in accordance with priestly regulations and based on instructions of the Zulu Oracle. The choice animals must be top-grade, without injury, blemish or defect. As a spiritual doctor, we are looking for that medicinal oil that is stored and concentrated in the gallbladder of the choice animal. That sac of oil is prescribed medicine to be used for your internal and external use. Without this medication, you are considered unclean and you will have no part in the Spiritual realm of innocence.

How to use the medicine: After the Spirit doctor makes their prayers and subsequently sacrifices the animal, the doctor will place a few drops of the holy oil on your tongue to make sure it goes into your bloodstream. Then the doctor will anoint your head with the prayer oil. You will then be instructed to use the remaining oil for your bath. You may squeeze the oil into your tub and wash with it. You are also instructed to take some of that animal blood and pour it into the bath for your cleansing and treatment. You will then follow-up with a spiritual and clairvoyant reading via Sangoma Source.

In some cases, we may smear the animal blood and oil respectively on your right ear-lobe, right thumb, right big toe, your joints and your feet. This is in addition to anointing your head with the oil and taking your ritual bath as I have indicated above. Your situation will be assessed individually and specifically. 

Take note: Not all sacrifices and offerings will be accepted. The Most High knoweth the secrets to all hearts. 

Spirit Speaks via Sangoma Source

Thank you for your Makhosi offerings: